POWER: Avoid The Traps That Beautiful Women, Sexy Bodies And Unbridled Desires Present

POWER: Avoid The Traps That Beautiful Women, Sexy Bodies And Unbridled Desires Present

ISBN: 978-0-9964219-7-3 (Mack Major)

This is the hour when men need to 'untuck', grow a pair and stand tall in full power and glory like never before. A woman's rights aren't threatened when men stand up and take their rightful positions in life as men; only some women's insecurities are. Because it is only an insecure woman who would prefer a man who was dumbed down, soft, weak and effeminized.

Real women champion masculinity—nothing less, nothing more. Get your manhood mojo back. Download a copy of POWER right now by clicking the button below. And start taking your rightful place as the head TODAY.

POWER is an ebook written for today's man. It won't appeal to every guy out there—nor was it designed to. I purposely wrote this ebook to appeal to men who are about their business, in every sense of the term. POWER is for the lawyer, the professional, the businessman, the preacher, the person running for office in politics, or the newly signed rookie now entering the major sports arena.

It's also for the young man who's about to embark on his transition into adulthood, and should be required reading for those attending college or living on campus. It's time to take your education, occupation and your income seriously. If you wish to avoid falling into the traps that beautiful women, sexy bodies and unbridled desires present to decent men every single day of our lives—you need this ebook ASAP.

If you're serious about living the best possible version of your life, serious about your money and serious about maintaining your walk with Christ with integrity—download a copy of this ebook right now, without hesitation. It will empower you to become a spiritual giant in your own right, able to withstand the sort of temptations that so easily lay waste to good men and drive them into ruin.

The manhood revolution has begun! Download your copy of POWER now! Just click the button provided to place your order.

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