DIVA GODDESS QUEEN: Mystery Babylon Revealed

DIVA GODDESS QUEEN: Mystery Babylon Revealed

ISBN: 978-0-9964219-9-7 (Mack Major)

Marine spirits. Water gods. Principalities in the waters. Mermaids. The Book of Revelation in the Bible speaks about Angels that are imprisoned in rivers and other bodies of water.

What are they doing there? What did they do to make God imprison them there? Why do people toss coins into rivers and water fountains? And what is it about water that attracts so much sensual, lascivious activity, and that causes people around the world to worship some invisible presence that seems to dwell there?

DIVA GODDESS QUEEN 2: Mystery Babylon Revealed picks up where the first Diva Goddess Queen ebook left off at; with more facts, more details and more historical evidence from around the world to track the movements of this evil spiritual principality throughout history and time.

Learn the secret destiny of America and its connections to the Mother Goddess; how the Bible foretold the rise of this spirit, its operation against the Body of Christ and its final defeat by Jesus Christ Himself before the battle of Armageddon.

You won't want to miss this ebook! Guaranteed to deepen your understanding on marine spirits as well as other spiritual realities that believers desperately need to know in this hour. Just click the button provided to place your order now.

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